Friday, 4 May 2012

Intel’s Smartphone – Wants to Connect Smartphone into Human brain

Intel’s Smartphone – Wants to Connect Smartphone into Human brain

Do you heard about Cyborgs? Whatever may be the answer but humans are really on the way to obtain such abilities in the near future…!!!

"As convergence continues across device types, functions, and capabilities, the melding of mobile technologies directly into the human body becomes the logical next step." -- Booz Allen Hamilton in an Intel-commissioned white paper on the future of mobile technology.

The white paper released Wednesday saying connected devices interfacing with the human brain is inevitability. This article is about how the computer maker, Intel, is preparing to connect devices interfacing with the human brain.

Microsoft is starting to show progress on its vision of one converged operating system for all devices. IBM is making incredible strides in its Watson technology that can understand natural human language. Google’s latest Android phones can recognize their owner’s faces to unlock their devices, and both Google and Microsoft are working on wearable computers. As for Intel, it says such technology is coming soon whether we like it or not.

“Don't expect to plug your iPhone directly into your cranium in the next few years. There's a few remaining steps on the path toward turning us all into cyborgs.”

If you can do it on your computer at work, you should be able to do the exact same thing on your smartphone, or even your glasses. 

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