Wednesday, 28 December 2011

AAKASH tablet – A low cost tablet in digital market - AAKASH aka UbiSlate 7

Do you have a Tablet PC? How much money did you spent to buy a Tablet PC? 10000 ` to 40000 ` thousands? The price tag of Tablet PC was high enough to spoil any ones dream to buy a new Tablet PC. But now finally who just couldn’t afford to buy a Desktop PC or anyone who had just heard about the internet can buy a Tablet PC. The coming year is all set to offer a low cost Desi (Indian) tablet.  The feature rich Desi tablet, India’s very own AAKASH tablet is available at a fraction of the cost of big brand names.  Made-in-India AAKASH tablet is cheapest Tablet available in Indian Market to date. 

AAKASH have been designed for students keeping education sector in mind. The aim is to provide good internet access and as well as facilitate the educational, environmental videos and other multimedia contents to students.
AAKASH-1 is already available in Indian Market. Now the upgraded sibling AAKASH-2 aka UbiSlate 7 has all set to compete in low cost tablet market. AAKASH-2 aka UbiSlate is expected to arrive in January 2012 and is already up for pre-order. 

 The central government of India has placed order of AAKASH at a price of $48.98 each for introduction in education system.  Datawind, a Canadian company developed relatively a low cost tablet and won the contract in a trade-show held in Las Vegas in January this year. According to Suneet Singh Tuli, the CEO of Datawind, students stand to benefit through the internet access and the product is designed to meet the requirement. Datawind has already supplied 10,000 units of an order of 100,000 units. In the open market AAKASH-2 will cost around 3000 `. And based on the current demand, Datawind expects to sell 5 million tablets within a year. 

There is no other tablet available anywhere near to the price tag of AAKASH-2 or UbiSlate 7. The tablet has lot of accessory options available. Car charger to external antenna can be attached to it. The phone can be used as a phone. It has 2 USB ports. A keyboard case can also be used. And best part is the tablet is available in Android OS with 3G support in commercial version. 

According to the various sources, every day almost 8000 tablets are sold in India. As per Frost and Sullivan, Indians bought around 3 lakh tablets in 2011. And the numbers are very less as compared to global standards. The low cost tablet market is yet not developed in India.

Many global as well as local brand tablets launched in this 2011. Reliance, Spice, Beetel, Lacs Magnum, Milagrow, Wespro , FunTab and others announced their new low cost tablet PC in the Indian market.

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  1. Around 14 Lakh pieces were booked in just 2 weeks. Now DATAWIND is planning to open 3 manufacturing units in India to meet the demand.

  2. UbiSlate 7+ is a savior for common man as it has respectable configuration @ a very nominal price.

  3. It is really cheaper tablet. I read some previews of the tablet and it seems really promising. Good innovation shown from the creator of the tablet. Android, Wi-fi, 3G like stuffs can attract many consumers.

  4. The tablet mini has plenty of good features and attractions which can make your impressed. Android OS with 3G tablet would be comfortable for utilized.

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