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Nokia 808 PureView Camera – A 41 Mega Pixel camera smartphone from NOKIA…

Nokia 808 PureView Camera – A 41 Mega Pixel camera smartphone from NOKIA…
Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone - Front and Back View
Nokia unveiled new smartphone – Nokia 808 PureView that has 41 Mega Pixel Camera that outperforms most of the SLR cameras. The smartphone allows user to zoom in six times without the bulky lenses.

Nokia unveiled 808 PureView smartphone at Mobile World Congress on Monday. The smartphone has Carl Zeiss optics along with 41 mega pixel sensor and the Dolby Headphone technology. The 808 PureView has a 4 inch ClearBox AMOLED display, 1.3 GHz processor and 16GB internal memory with support for microSD expansion.
Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone - Front View
Nokia says, the technology is designed to so users can zoom in quickly and easily without losing the picture quality. The smartphone can zoom in four times and still shoots in 1080P Full HD video.

According to Nokia, the Dolby Headphone technology can transform stereo content into a personal surround sound experience over any set of headphones, as well as Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 channel surround sound playback.

With a 41 mega-pixel camera, it is possible to take massive pictures, which can be printed in huge formats like banners, etc. While promoting 808 PureView Nokia says that it features multiple options for image size, with standard resolution settings of 2/3, 5 and 8MP, and high resolution settings of up to 38-MegaPixels.

According to Nokia, the main reason of adopting the 41MP is not to take the enormous still or to compete with the SLR’s, but to allow making great use of 4x zoom without any loss of definition. “People aren’t actually going to keep 38MP pictures, but it shows what we can do” – Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President at Nokia.

Nokia 808 PureView is a Symbian Belle smartphone and so I feel it likely won’t appeal much to the iOS and Android users. Of course the phone is bulkier than normal camera phones, but even on full resolution it shoots instantly.

The smartphone will be launched in May and may cost around $600.  

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