Monday, 16 January 2012

Facebook on Mobile – Access without GPRS

Facebook on Mobile – Access without GPRS

Are you a Facebook fan and you are dying to access Facebook. But you are in a place where GPRS is not working even any internet café’s not around. Have you ever faced this situation? Don’t’ worry now Facebook has adopted a technology developed by U2Opia, a Singapore based Software company that allows user to access the Facebook without GPRS connection.

The technology is called USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Data) and this technology works on any type of Handsets. All Telecom service providers are already using this technology usually to provide menu based services and to provide alerts such as GPRS usage, Last Call details, etc to users.

AirTel, India’s telecom service provider and Facebook has tied up with U2Opia to offer Facebook on AirTel on USSD technology. Dial *325# or *fbk# on AirTel network to use this service. The service you can access anytime anywhere.

Users can update their status free. But for posting on walls, commenting and liking, confirming friends request, notifications viewing, finding friends will cost  ` 1 per day to user.

The only drawback is – user won’t be able to experience Graphics.

How to access the service –
1)      Dial *325# or *fbk# on AirTel mobile.
Call *325# from AirTel Connection
2)      Click Ok on Fonetwish message.
Fonetwish Message
3)      Enter FaceBook UserName
Enter FaceBook UserName

1)      Enter Password

And now access the FaceBook on your AirTel connection.

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  1. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for Detail Steps, as I tried the same and it works. I never knew Facebook can be accessed without GPRS. People who are facebook freak would love to know the same.

  2. Yeah, It is great sharing from you, Ashish. For using Facebook without GPRS, this is just an amazing trick. These are looking promising and effective steps of the trick.