Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Angry Birds on Facebook – AngryBirds officially launches on Facebook on this Valentine’s Day

Angry Birds on Facebook – AngryBirds officially launches on Facebook on this Valentine’s Day…

A special gift to the wildly popular pig-flying game “Angry Birds” fans this Valentine’s Day. Angry Birds officially launched on Facebook on this Valentine’s Day.
Angry Birds launched on Facebook
The popular mobile device game has new levels exclusive with Facebook. This Angry Birds Facebook app is similar to the original mobile version, with the addition of social components and brand new power ups.

Angry Birds
The added social components allow players to compete with their Facebook friends for Gold, Silver and Bronze crowns along with Virtual prizes and ability to send free mystery gifts of power-ups to their friends. Players can also brag their score on the social network.

The Facebook version of Angry Birds features four new power-ups, including “sling scope”, “king sling”, “super seeds” and “birdquake” beyond the game’s famous Mighty Eagle that lets you win difficult levels with just one click.

The social version of Facebook works just as fans of the popular game would expect and is somewhat similar to previous PC versions of Angry Birds such as the recently launched iteration on Google+. Instead of dragging your finger across a touchscreen, you use your mouse to launch your birds into those detestable green pigs.

On the left side of the game play area there is a social column where you can invite friends, receive gifts such as power-ups, and buy extra power-ups using Facebook credits that you can also send to friends. You can also play the game in full-screen mode.

And — even better — anyone who plays the game between now and Feb. 16 will receive 14 free power-ups as a special Valentine's Day gift from Angry Birds developer Rovio.

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  1. So now we can also play this amazing game in Facebook. That is just amazing game. I have played Angry birds game on different platforms like phone and tablet and PC.