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Samsung Vs Apple - Apple requested U.S. ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone…

Samsung Vs Apple - Apple requested U.S. ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone…

Samsung Vs Apple
The latest battle of the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung has reached where Apple seeks U.S. ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Apple’s claims that the showcase for Google’s heavily touched Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system violates Apple’s four patents.

The noticeable thing is that earlier this month a German court rejected Apple’s appeal to ban the Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus in country. Apple had raised an issue with Samsung’s products for bearing resemblance to its own products.

“A preliminary injunction regarding Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus, which infringes multiple key Apple patents, is essential to prevent immediate and irreparable harm to Apple…” – a saying from Apple filed in California.

According to Florian Mueller at Foss Patents, Apple brought a motion for a preliminary injunction against the device on Thursday with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Apple focusses completely on strong technical patents as opposed to softer, design-related rights.

According to Muller, the motion is based on following four patents –
·         Data Tapping Patent. – It lets users tap on a phone number in an email to automatically make a call.
·         New Slide to unlock patent.
·         Word completion patent for touch screen entry of text patent.
·         Siri and unified search patent. – It involves voice assistance Siri’s way of searching the Net.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Apple and Samsung, have quickly become fierce competitors in recent years with a rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets. Their ongoing global legal dispute was kicked off with a U.S. lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung in April of last year that said Samsung was violating its intellectual property in the design of its mobile devices, specifically the Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets.

Samsung quickly counter-sued "Apple was infringing on multiple patents..." Since then, Apple has gone after Samsung heavily in Australia and parts of Europe–particularly Italy and Germany, the latter of which is considered to be friendly to patent-holders and faster than courts in the U.S.

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  1. Since Saumsung announced it's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, it create many controversies. The patent war between Apple and Samsung reached at very interesting spot.