Friday, 10 February 2012

Google's HUD Glasses – Google’s Android powered HUD glasses like the Terminator might wear…

Google's HUD Glasses – Google’s Android powered HUD glasses like the Terminator might wear…

If we believe on tech news from 9to5Google, the prototype of Google’s HUD (Head Up Display) glasses has been seen. The website claims that a source from 9to5Google has seen the glasses and it looks something like Oakley Thumps (Pictured.)  

In December 2012, there were rumors that Google was working on pair of Android powered HUD glasses. According the 9to5Google, the Mountain View Company was working on the pair of HUD glasses for Google. The glasses functions mirrors like Terminator trilogy.

It’s really an amazing concept. The high tech glasses known as wearable HUD (Head Up Display) that could tap into Google’s cloud based location services and detail user surroundings. The information would then appear as an augmented reality computer display.
According to the sources from 9to5Google, the glasses have front facing camera with flash to gather the information and takes photo, a head-tilting navigation system to scroll and click, I/O system capable of voice input & output, CPU (1GHz of processing power), RAM (Possibly of 256MB) and Storage Hardware of 8GB to 16GB nearly equivalent to a generation-old Android phones, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and also Google’s some services like Google Map.         
The front facing camera is extremely small and likely only a few megapixels. The heads up display is only for the one eye and on the side. It means the HUD is developed in one lens and the screen is not transparent. Previous speculations on the glasses included HUD on both eye sides, but according to the 9to5Google sources, the display is only on one eye and on the side.  The display does not have dual 3D configurations as previously believed.

According to the 9to5Google, the development of Google’s HUD glass is nearby finished but Google is unsure about the mass market appeal of these amazing specs. So, Google is considering launching it as beta-pilot program to people outside of the company.

The wearable technology is on the rise. Google is not the only company working on such sort of products. Apple, Recon Instruments and Motorola are few companies that are also jumped into the wearable technology.

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  1. Il ya toujours du plaisir à lire vos blogs que vous avez toujours venir avec les nouvelles de dernière technologie qui m'étonne encore et encore. Verres HUD semble être celui de redéfinir la technologie mobile.

    S'il vous plaît garder votre bon travail.

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  3. A same question arises every time…. “What’s Next…?” and here we are the new gadget which we had seen in movies during 90’s is finally soon goona be available in market. It sounds interesting to me and makes me wonder what if one can merge Sixth Sense product by Pranav Mistry ( with this product. It would be a great combination of product. Hope to hear similar things in future.
    Thanks Ashish as usual :-)

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