Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream-Sandwich)

Android 4.0(Ice-cream-sandwich)… Coming Soon..

Guys!!! Good news for the Android Lovers… Android 4.0 coming…

The latest version is very simple, more beautiful and of course very very smart Mobile OS… Most of the Mobile OS market already captured by the Android phones, But Android 4.0 is going to sue all other Mobile OS. Everything is re-defined and re-engineered in latest Android 4.0 such as easy multitasking, resizable widgets, rich notifications, lock-screen, customizable home screens and much more… 

The key strength of Android is Multitasking, Android 4.0 has made it more easier and more visual. The Apps button in System Bar lets you jump from one task to another easily. Thumbnail view of recently used apps, tapping a thumbnail switches to the App.  Easy navigating to Back, Home and Recent Apps through Virtual buttons in System Bar.

Mobile devices always make extensive use of Network data for ex streaming content, videos, downloading the Apps. Android 4.0 has added new controls for managing such type of network data usage. The colorful chart shows the total data usage on each network (WiFi or GPRS or 3G).

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  1. This is kool, very time when I play with my gadgets I wonder whats next and here we gooooo.. I always use to wonder what king of data and application can access and send across using internet, here in we always had the warning while installing application, but may be this application in future can help us track and monitor the usage and keep our data more secure.
    Good POST.. KEEP it UP