Thursday, 22 December 2011

3G Roaming Services will stop in India…???

"…The decision is being conveyed to the operators. 3G roaming services has to be stopped immediately," – By Telecom Secretary R. Chandrashekhar on Thursday, 22nd December 2011.

According to TRAI India, the 3G Roaming agreements are illegal. DoT(Dept. of Telecom in India) is going to communicate to telecom operators to terminate their 3G Roaming arrangements that are against the license terms. According to the top DoT officials, the notices already signed and are ready to send to the telecom operators. Tata TeleServices and AirCel scrapped their 3G roaming arrangements after the concerns raised by the DoT. Whereas the Bharati AirTel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone are offering 3G services in areas where they didn’t have legal spectrum.

Bharati AirTel has 3G bandwidth in 13 of 22 telecom services of India. Vodafone has 9 and Idea has access in 11 areas.

Mr. Kapil Sibbal, the communication and IT minister had also clearly indicated that operators will not be allowed to offer the services under existing laws. Earlier, in a letter written by Tala Teleservices to Communication and IT Minister it is mentioned to either permit the 3G Roaming services or refund the money paid for the spectrum.

As per the current license rules, the operators are allowed to offer seamless coverage as they move from one circle to another circle. But, in the case of the 3G services, the operators are selling connections in illegal spectrum area.

According to the telecom regulatory such an arrangement causing loss in national exchequer. Also it is affecting the quality of the 3G services offered to consumers. The decision is pending whether the penalty to be imposed on the operators that are violating the 3G rules.
- Ashish Ramteke

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  1. How many more scams are we awaiting for... These telecom companies charge you and many times misguide you with their false comments which leads to shell out more money from you and what u come to know is these thieves rob our government too. Government should penalize them heavily.