Tuesday, 18 September 2012

India’s SuperComputer – Worlds Faster Super Computer 61 Times faster

Indian government plans to develop Worlds quicker and faster Super Computer which would be 61 times faster than existing machines. The plan is to get it up by 2017.

According to Mr. Kapil Sibbal Telecom minister of India, C-DAC shall be in charge to develop this exaflop and petaflop range of super computer. The budget calculated to develop this world’s fastest super computer over next 5 years is approx. INR 4700 Crore.

India's Super Computer - PARAM PADMA
In 1987, almost all technology advanced countries denied India to supply Super Computer. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who was Prime Minister of India at that time, decided to build India’s own Super Computer and for then formed “Center for Development of Advanced Computing Center” which is most popularly known as CDAC. CDAC has then designed and delivered India’s own first super computer PARAM 8000 in 1991 and PARAM 10000 in 1998. Mr. Vijay Bhatkar was lead to these projects.   

NNSA’s Sequoia is a current fastest Super Computer in the World with a top computing speed of 16.32 petaflops and that is equivalent to computing power of over 7.8 lakhs high end laptops together. It means, India’s super computer would be 61 times faster than Sequoia.  

At present India’s Top Super Computer ranks 58th in terms of Computing power.

C-DAC has already drawn a blueprint of this 61 times faster Super Computer.

Notations Used:
·         FLOPS          : Floating Point Operations Per Second
·         1 Petaflops = 1015  FLOPS

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